Portugal The Scramble For Africa By Paul Southern

Bromley: Galago Books 2015. ISBN: 978-0-94699-563-9. Also available as a Kindle edition.

This new, 2015 updated edition of the original 2010 publication covers the history of Portugal's colonisation of east and west Africa – present day Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

The 19th century colonial 'Scramble for Africa' found Portugal weak, vulnerable and completely unprepared to deal with the new realities of the 1884 Conference of Berlin.

The book documents the events of Portugal's colonial expansion into the African continent, the characters and personalities, the wars and battles, and the gradual changing structure of the colonies.

It concludes with a detailed account of the trials and tribulations of the Portuguese colonial army as it attempted, with British help, to stem the inexorable advance of German forces into Mozambique in the final stages of the First World War.

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